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BR1: Memories

A collection of prompts I found interesting and may fill!

Remember when Rin and Haru shared a bed in Australia?

Remember when a grumpy mermaid got engaged to a desert prince? FILLED

Remember that time Rin and Haruka first got their new Olympic uniforms.

Remember when Rin told Haru "I'm gonna make that cold face of yours heat up"?

Remember when they woke up early to watch the sun rise over Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Remember the time that Haru and Rin both made the Japan Olympic team for different events and roomed together in Rio?

Remember when merHaruka and Rin learned how to turn Rin into a mermaid?

Remember when Rin excitedly princess carried Haru out of the locker rooms and they came back "looking satisfied with themselves" shortly after?

Remember when MakoHaruRin had such a bad round of sex that Nagisa had to drive them to the hospital?

Remember that time Rin recruited Makoto and Haruka to be magical boys?

Free! Other
Nagisa/Iwatobi SC
Remember that time Nagisa lubed up his teammates' entire bodies under the pretense that it would make them swim faster?

Remember when Nagisa came out as bisexual to Gou?

remember when haru said "see you later, sousuke" and then they did, in fact, meet up again after that?

remember when rei and nagisa painted each other in art class?

Remember when Sousuke used Kisumi as a shield?

Rin & Gou
Remember when little Rin got so upset about Australia that when he came back he'd cling to the only person he cares about most, his little sister.

remember that time when tooru agreed to marry hajime as kids
(remember that time hajime made good on his proposal)

Remember when Oikawa and Kageyama had their first kiss?

Remember when Kageyama and Oikawa went on an aquarium date? FILLED

Remember when I used to look up to you?

Remember when Oikawa had to grab kageyama by the chin and kiss him to get his point across

Hinata, Yamaguchi, & Yachi
Remember when the three Hufflepuffs tried to study for their OWLs but they got distracted (and distracted each other) all the time?

Remember when Onoda first saw Manami's wings?