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Jun. 2nd, 2017 01:13 pm
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BR1: Alternate Universe

Written Fills

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Viktor lifted his thumb from his phone, watching the "transaction complete!" pop up confirm his purchase of a one-way ticket to Hasetsu, Japan. This was it. This was his chance.
Age flip AU: Victor is the younger fanboy and Yuuri is the older star skater. Victor still shows up in Hasetsu, but because he NEEDS a coach.

[DW Link]
"You should've turned already."

Otabek stood a good distance from Yuri, his rifle now lowered but still ready to raise and shoot at any moment. He looked so small, chained against the wall with his head hanging. If Otabek didn't know what would happen to him --what was supposed to have happened-- he would feel like a monster keeping him like that. He still did.

The voice that answered was small, cracked. "I know."
Zombie Apocalypse AU. After the onset of a zombie apocalypse, Otabek rescues a young man named Yuri who has been trying to escape his safe haven after being overrun by the infected. During a trip to another safezone, Yuri is bitten by a zombie, but doesn't turn. Otabek soon realizes that Yuri may not be just running away from zombies, but also from scientists who wishes to produce a vaccine by experimenting on his body.

[DW Link]
Haru didn't see the point of Rin. He wasn't incapable of making friends, he just had no desire to. They were bothersome, bringing stress and trouble wherever they went. He didn't want them, and as far as his mother was concerned, that was the problem.
In a future where robotics have advanced beyond anyone's wildest imagination, rin died in the same accident as his father. his mother's a robotics engineer who, in her grief, makes an android of her son.

meanwhile, haru's parents are worried about his trouble with making friends, and 'rents' a robot child that can grow up with him through the years to be his friend.

the contract ends when haru turns eighteen.

Drawn Fills

AU where everyone is a bear or: Polar Bear Cafe AU

catboys AU. or just straight up cats AU

Artificial Intelligence AU. Ryuugazaki Rei is the father of artificial intelligence. He is assassinated by extremists however, and his partner Nagisa upload's Rei's consciousness into a quantum computer in desperation. Rei is now in his virtual and techonological form, but Nagisa thinks it's still not the same.

To prove a point, Rei and Nagisa do their make up using each other's sets- cue Rei trying to work with Hello Kitty makeup palettes and Nagisa trying to discern between 10 nearly identical and very expensive bottles of product.

Otabek saves Yuri from her fanboys.
BR1: Memories
RinHaru Splash Free AU - Art
OiKage Aquarium Date - Art
RinHaru Woke up as girls - Art

BR3: Gift Tags
RinHaru Kitty Ears! - Art

BR1: Memories

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A collection of prompts I found interesting and may fill!
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Mainly for my own reference, but anyone's free to check it out c:
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